“sitting is the new smoking”

For many of us and our employees the workday is spent sitting at computers, loading up our spines, leaning forward and craning our necks to hold phones and squinting to read screens. Over time these postures start to feel normal and our range of motion reduces, muscles that are not being used become weak and muscles that we are over using can become tight and sore.

Research shows that sedentary behaviour has been shown to be detrimentally associated with increased mortality rate, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, some cancers, mental ill-health and health related quality of life.


Office work is also associated with increased risk of overuse syndromes which is a collective term for a range of conditions characterised by discomfort or persistent pain in muscles, tendons and other soft tissues. Risk factors for overuse injuries include repetitive movement, sustained or constrained postures and/or forceful movements. Psycho-social risk factors include workplace stress.

An office ergonomic assessment will ensure your workforce understand risk factors and assist them to design their workstation and work flow to reduce risk factors.

We can provide a group training session and then provide your staff with a self-checklist for managing their own work station modification and self-management strategies and/or perform an individual workstation assessment.