We understand our clients are experts at what they do whether it be mining, construction, oil and gas, transport, rail or events. Each industry has its own unique requirements and safe systems of work.

In medicine a safe system of work is underpinned by a clinical governance system. Clinical Governance is the over-arching term for a system of excellence that ensures consistent, evidenced based medical care is provided and that there are systems in place to assess and investigate examples where ineffective or unexpected outcomes occur and to ensure continuous improvement.

Sitemed assists sites to develop their safe systems of work or clinical governance by providing clinical guidelines that determine how all types of medical presentations are managed, what equipment is required, what drugs are required and what expertise and training medical response staff must have.


Sitemed works with the site safety team and management to undertake a medical risk assessment considering the type and location of the operation, the site based risks, the risk profile of the workforce, the availability of state or territory health and ambulance services and the capability of site to respond. This assessment then informs the risk management and control process which may include recommendations about the presence of site based medics, response equipment, a response vehicle, training of site staff, medical emergency response procedures and emergency drugs.

Sitemed can provide these services as a contracted provider including providing all staff, response vehicles and equipment or assist sites to employ their own staff and provide medical oversight and professional development for site staff.

Sitemed helps sites by assessing the clinical skills of the site medic, paramedic or first responders to determine the types of treatments and interventions they are competent to provide. Any gaps or areas for further development are documented and a training plan recommended. This assessment is called a clinical skills assessment and the recommended competencies “A Scope of Practice.”

In some cases, a paramedic, medic or first responder will need to consult with a doctor to determine the type of medical intervention they can implement or what drugs they can give. This consultation can be conducted by telephone or Skype so it is important sites have access to a doctor 24/7 or during hours of operation to ensure the best care is provided with all approvals/consults in place.

Sitemed assists sites by providing an on-call doctor for medic consult and can also assist sites to obtain the necessary licences/approvals to hold and administer emergency drugs onsite, generally called a Poisons Permit or Drug Licence.

We can ensure your site medics and paramedics stay up to date with our continuing professional development program.