Onsite Medics
and Paramedics


At Sitemed we take a modern approach to onsite medical services. Our onsite paramedics and nurses are expected to be a fully integrated member of your site, contributing to the overall health and wellness of the workforce and supporting company activities.

Gone are the days of a paramedic or nurse sitting in an onsite health centre waiting for patients. We promote proactive healthcare with health assessments and health prevention programs through the year to minimise illness and injury.

Of course, in an emergency we will respond immediately and provide evidence based medical care to ensure the best outcome for your staff, enacting the site emergency response plan and coordinating with state and territory ambulance services and the flying doctor.


Our onsite paramedics and nurses will work with the site safety team to develop and review emergency response plans, liaise with state health departments and ambulance services and work with local health services to ensure coordination of responses.

Sitemed founder, Nicole Nott is an Occupational Therapist with over 25 years of experience in the area of Occupational Health, workers compensation and rehabilitation and return to work. Our focus is on managing injured workers safely and proactively at the workplace wherever possible. We aim to minimise lost time through early diagnosis and treatment onsite, active communication with site supervisors and health care providers to establish safe return to work plans.

  • Managing the delivery of 24 hour medical services, including the provision of emergency and remote responses
  • Managing stores and pharmaceuticals within state legislation requirements in accordance with contract requirements
  • Production and maintenance of confidential medical records in accordance with Health department, workers compensation authorities and Privacy Act requirements
  • Fostering professional relationships with other medical service providers e.g. medical practitioners, allied health providers, hospitals and ambulance services
  • Production of site injury reports and notifications
  • Providing training and promotion of first aid and health related topics