A job dictionary is a document outlining the critical physical and cognitive demands of jobs and work tasks.

This information is a critical tool for use in pre-employment medicals to ensure the assessing doctor or therapist accurately matches capacity to job requirements and it is invaluable for rehabilitation and return to work for educating the doctor about the work requirements.

Sitemed’s allied health staff work with your site safety and HR department to establish the framework for the job dictionary and how and where the information will be hosted.

Sitemed recommends the use of images and short video for tasks that are difficult to explain to ensure that medical staff who are required to review the information get the information they require in a reasonable amount of time and with ease.


We believe a job dictionary should be a live document that is easy to update and that our clients should have ongoing royalty free use of the information. Hosting fees may apply if the data is externally managed by Sitemed.

A job dictionary limits the need for external consultants/assessments and offers a significant cost saving.