Nurse, Medic
& Paramedic
CPD Training


If you employ nurses, paramedics, medics or medical first responders how do you ensure they are maintaining their professional skills?

We know your goal is to have a safe site but in the unfortunate event of a workplace injury or illness away from immediate access to hospitals and state and territory ambulance services how can you be confident your site medical responders are qualified, trained and up to date with their response skills?

First responders who work outside of ambulance services are generally not exposed to as many medical incidents as on road paramedics and ambulance officers and may become deskilled.


Mine sites and other industrial sites such as construction, oil and gas and offshore may require site nurses, paramedics, medics and first responders to have a range of skills not normally expected of an on road paramedic or ambulance officer. Examples include hydration testing, drug and alcohol testing, management of sprains and sprains, rehabilitation and return to work services and safety related functions.

Sitemed provides professional development training for site medical staff to ensure they meet their annual CPR refresher requirements and to ensure that they are able to deliver care according to the site clinical guidelines and industry best practice.