Prevention is better than cure. We believe that so strongly that we build that philosophy into all of our onsite health services.

Sitemed supports lifestyle improvement initiatives and healthy lifestyle corporate programs for our clients’ employees through our allied health services.

Our medical staff can undertake advisory testing of blood glucose and cholesterol levels and provide advice on specialist testing or lifestyle modification programs.

Workforce health sessions can be planned to minimise the impact on daily work schedules. We encourage employees to undergo routine BMI, blood pressure and risk factor evaluations.

We also provide a program for onsite skin cancer testing as many construction and mining employees are at high risk of excessive ultraviolet exposure.


We understand that it is both inconvenient for the worker and a cost to the business to have workers leave site and travel to specialists for testing, or be absent for long amounts of time.

Our nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists and other health professionals are available to supplement our health centre staff and provide work-sites with a complete suite of health care.

We aim to reduce the impact on work schedules while providing vital early detection and referral for any detected abnormalities.

For information about our healthy lifestyle program, called Better and Better, download a copy of our program information here. (Nicole to provide)