We understand that the reputation of your business is paramount and that providing immediate, high quality medical care and comfort to your guests and hotel visitors is crucial to your operations.

Our hotel medics will act with discretion and be as visible as you request during functions and general operations.

Our medics are able to be accommodated at your facility and provide on call or active service as required by your operations, for example be active and attend functions and then be on call from the hotel room for general operations.


Sitemed is able to provide first aid training including occupational first aid training to your hotel staff to increase the capacity of other staff to provide immediate support while the Medic is called. The hotel first aider can act as a support person to the medic if a two-person response is required while awaiting the ambulance service.

With the evolving COVID19 pandemic hotels may wish to increase their medical capacity. Visit our Covid19 Workplace Services page for more information.